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Our Mission


What is our mission?

To create a safe haven that protects and preserves the most precious and important world musical expressions of all times.  
From irreplaceable cultural and heritage music to the biggest modern day hits. 


How do we do it?


Play our explainer film here to see how the music files are preserved for eternity! 

Global Music Vault

Global Music Vault

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Music conveys emotion, carries memories and tells stories of the past and present. It has shaped cultures and heritage for centuries and is in danger of being lost forever if we don’t preserve it today.


We go to great lengths to preserve the written word, so why not do the same with music? Music and instruments have also been around for centuries, longer than the written word.


Music is part of our heritage and the data is irreplaceable. Today this data - the music - is created, stored and archived on mediums that are inefficient, harmful to the environment, exposed to irreversible risks like fire and technical errors and have a short and limited lifetime.


The purpose-built digital medium can last for over 1000 years in the Global Music Vault with guaranteed future accessibility.


Together with the International Music Council (IMC) and world music organisations, we want to preserve the legacy of music for mankind - and we want to do it in the most sustainable way possible. The unique exotic location of Svalbard in the north of Norway makes this possible. 


We want to provide the global music world with an opportunity to minimise their carbon footprint - With currently over 3 million music producers worldwide, releasing over 40,000 songs a day on music streams, creating 10-40 master music files for each song, its a massive amount of data to store that simply the world is not prepared for, and the music industry is ignorant to its negative impact. 


With the Global Music Vault, a single master file is stored, which will last for generations. 

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