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Global Music Vault Press Kit presented by ELIRE Group

The purpose of the kit is to provide media channels easy and fast access to the latest news and materials. We encourage you to first get in touch with us to discuss the use of the content in the kit.



Celin Huseby, Director of Communications


Phone: +47 9234 3311
Oslo, Norway


Whats in the GMV press kit:

Latest press release on the Microsoft technology partnership and Proof of Concept (PoC)

Information about the music contributors to the PoC - artists and institutions

Images of Svalbard, Norway where the vault is located

Images of the PoC silica glass

Images of the silica PoC glass with the founder and contributors  

Profile images of the GMV founder, Luke... and International Music Council president Alfons


Latest press release - ELIRE Group partners with Microsoft for a proof of concept technology solution

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