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Image by Saksham Gangwar

Cultural Impact

The main objective of the Global Music Vault is safeguarding the world's musical heritage. In addition to the environmental, social, and governance aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals, several of the Goals include significant aspects of culture, indigenous societies, and the importance of preserving and safeguarding intangible as well as tangible aspects of heritage.

Placing culture at the heart of development policies constitutes an essential investment in the world
's future and a precondition to successful globalisation processes that take into account the principle of cultural diversity.

While safeguarding the world's musical expressions for generations to come, the GMV aims to also make it accessible to everyone - Ensuring that it's never lost.

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Ecological Impact

The Global Music Vault, located in the Arctic World Archive is an ecological powerhouse, climate neutral structure, which by virtue of its geographic location, has some of the most consistent temperatures in the world. This means that the heating and humidity regulation of the structure fluctuates very little throughout the year.

Music that is stored and preserved with the  preservation services are low impact as they are only transported once to Svalbard and then remain there. Employees live and work within 5 km, therefore there is little impact from site maintenance.

The cool, dry, permafrost conditions in Svalbard mean that the Global Music Vault is one of the greenest data centres in the world, requiring little electrical input. The remaining electrical energy that is required is generated from nearby low impact hydroelectric energy.

Image by Kunal Shinde
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