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Global Music Vault is an exciting new initiative that requires further developing. We invite further partners to join us.


Elire MG is a Norway-based commercial management group, and have enjoyed working in innovative and fast moving industries and markets including mobility, media, sponsorship, sports and entertainment, large scale events, FMCG, music and more.

Elire MG are founding partners who are taking the Global Music Vault through an accelerator process to scale and grow in order to unlock government funding and secure the business for the next phase.


The Arctic World Archive (AWA) is a founding partner to Global Music Vault. It is where the physical music files and music capsules will originally be stored in far north Norway on a remote island called Svalbard, using the same advanced unique technology necessary to store music files for eternity.

As world leaders in specialist archiving the Arctic World Archive are trusted to store and safeguard some of the worlds most precious memories, from Unicef, The European Space Station, Github and the Vatican. 

Arctic World Archive (AWA)
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